Tea for THREE

Pre-Dinner Drinks Reception

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Drinks Reception

Our Pre-Dinner Drinks Reception music will entertain you and all of your weddings guests from start to finish with our toe tapping classics from acts like The Beatles & Bob Marley to more recent POP tunes from artists such as Justin Bieber & Britney Spears.


When you choose Tea For Three you can relax knowing we have your Pre-Dinner Drinks Reception well and truly covered.


We know that with our large repertoire of songs, our quality music has proven to be thrilling and captivating which allows us to cater to any crowd. We hope you and your guests will enjoy listening to our music, just as much as we enjoy performing them.

Our Packages

Prosecco Package

Our Prosecco package comprises a beautiful vocalist and guitarist duo.

Champagne Package

Our Champaign package consists of an option between an instrumental trio of bass, guitar, and drums, or a vocal trio of singer, bass, and guitar.